Academic Opening and Commendation Ceremony of 2020-2021

Academic Opening and Commendation Ceremony of 2020-2021 took place at the ISU Congress Center with the opening speech of Prof. Erdal Karaöz.

At the ceremony, our professors whose academic titles were promoted, were put on their robes and our academicians who received academic publication and project awards were given certificates and encouragement awards.

Prof. Erdal Karaöz stated that the future steps are taken more solidly with the sense of belonging that develops in line with the values of our university.

Prof. Karaöz said that during the pandemic period, the acceleration of digitalization and the continuation of lessons with the distance education system accelerated the education system. He also stated that digitalization is very important for both students and academic staff. Prof. Karaöz drew attention to the investments made in the field of Research and Development in the new academic year and the growth of our university with the new faculties to be opened.

Erdal Karaöz emphasized that the university has risen with its academic success as well as its physical facilities. And he concluded his words by saying, “Istinye University has established with the goal of being one of the pioneers of sustainable scientific progress in our country and all of the world and it knows the value of science and is focused on research and development. It continues on its way in this direction.''