Announcement of Rector to Our Students

Dear İstinye University Students,

As you know, the world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic. Some leading countries have had major losses while other countries are working to reduce their losses. Our country has encountered the very first cases recently and has aimed to keep the spread of the epidemic to a minimum with the measures rapidly taken by our state. At this point, all individuals have a great responsibility. First of all, you should think about the possibility of being a carrier and follow the social isolation rules in your location. As it is known, although the virus mostly affects older individuals, young people and children can cause the virus to spread rapidly as carriers. For this reason, we should not go out or travel between cities, we should comply with basic hygiene rules, and especially, stay away from crowded places, which is critical for the health of you, your immediate environment and society in general. At Istinye University, since the outbreak of the coronavirus has begun, we have been following the course of the epidemic, taking the necessary measures in our university, and sharing them with you. The main reason for the closure of universities within the scope of the measures is to ensure that students stay in their homes and continue their education. We are going to start practicing distance education as of March 23rd to ensure that education continues during this process. Istinye University academic staff have been working on the necessary preparations for distance education. Required information will be given to you in the coming days, and directions regarding distance education will be announced. Please follow the announcements and posts of our university. You can contact your teachers for any questions. I embrace all of you with my endless belief that our conscious #İstinyeli students will display exemplary behavior in these difficult days, and I wish you and your families healthy days.

Professor Erdal Karaöz