Digitization Nudges the Education Industry Forward

“Digitization Nudges the Education Industry Forward”, an article written by Prof.Erdal Karaöz, President of Istinye University, outlining how Medicine courses will be transformed in the new academic term owing to new dynamics taking hold in the education system with the spreading of the coronavirus, was mentioned in the national press.

As might be remembered, the Higher Education Council (YÖK) had taken a decision to allow universities to offer remote study programs due to the coronavirus. Commenting that remote study arrangements reenergized the education system and that digitization of education mattered highly for students and academics alike, Prof.Erdal Karaöz continued, “The concept of digitization in education has been on the agenda of almost all universities for the past 5 years, and universities that have invested in this area are now one step ahead. We have also taken proactive steps in this process.”