Rector’s Office

Prof. Dr. Erdal Karaöz
Prof. Erdal Karaöz
Deputy Rector
0850 283 6000
After completing his graduate education at Dicle University in 1986, Dr Karaoz finished his “PhD” education in the Department of Histology and Embryology of the Medical Faculty of Gazi University. He achieved the title of “Associate Professor” in 1996 and “Professor” in 2002. He has conducted research in the fields of Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Gene Therapies from 2000 until present, Dr Karaoz also carried out studies on “Embryonic Stem Cell and Islet Transplantation” at Harvard University in the USA in 2005. Having published 4 books, 11 book chapter authorships – 7 of which were international, 158 published articles – 102 of which were international, Dr Karaoz founded the “Research and Application Center of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies at Kocaeli University” (KOGEM) as the first institutive R&D center of Turkey in this field in 2007. He organized 23 national and international courses about “Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Endometrium-Embryo Co-Culture” during his time at KOGEM. Within this period, he served as coordinator, researcher and consultant in many national and international projects, 30 of which were TUBITAK projects.

Şafak Ural
Prof. Hayri Şafak Ural
Vice Rector
-Social Sciences Administration
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Prof. Hayri Şafak Ural graduated from the Faculty of Language History and Geography Philosophy department in 1971. He achieved the title of doctor with his study called "An Essay on Determining the Principle of Simplicity in Positive Sciences" in 1978. Between 1979-1980, he worked at the Philosophy Institute of the University of Vienna. He served as the Vice President of Istanbul University between 2004-2009. He served as a faculty member in the Department of Logic of which he is the founder and chairman, Faculty of Letters at İstanbul University between 2000-2015; he established the Istanbul University Logic Application and Research Center in 2014 and served as the president of the center in 2015. He was head of the Philosophy Department between 1989 and 2015. He became the chairman of the Logic Implementation Association on 16 December 2014 and was elected as the first president of the Logic Association on 12 January 2015. He has been organizing Logic Employee since 2012 and Logic Summer School since 2014.

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Cem Duran
Advisor to the Rector
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Graduated from Istanbul University Maritime Transportation And Management Engineering in 2000. He completed his master degree in Product Management and Marketing from Marmara University and he has an MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University. Cem Duran received his Ph.D after completing his thesis in Customer Experience Management from Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Cem Duran participated “Coaching Skills for Manager” certificate program in New York University after working 2 years as Marketing Specialist in Institute of Behavioral Sciences. In 2007, he worked 5 years in IDO (Istanbul Seabus Administration) as Business Development Manager and played an active role on privatization process of the company. In the same period he founded EDDRA, Turkey’s first & only Photo Marketing Agency which later become biggest player in its market. He took active role in many entrepreneur accelerating program’s assessment processes and provided mentorship to entrepreneurs in several projects. In 2014, he started working as Technology Transfer Manager and Deputy General Manager in Yıldız Technical University’s Yıldız Teknopark. During this time he consulted foundation of many Techno Parks and Technology Transfer Offices. From the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2018, he worked as Head of Department in Management Information Systems in İstinye University and founded and managed the university’s Technology Transfer Office at the same time. He was appointed Deputy General Manager of Teknopark İstanbul by 2018. He gives lectures on “Entrepreneurship” and “Strategic Marketing Management” in master programs of İstinye University and Istanbul Commerce University.